chaz evans

The 11:30 Format (Media Povera Suite: Part 1)

A talk show based on a traditional algorithm. Performed in a custom media environment. 2011.

Live. From an anti-oedipal hub. Its [The 11:30 Format](applause signage) presented by [Aristide Schlesinger] and [Schlesinger Media Group] with gracious support from [The Greyfriars Ladies Auxilliary Board] administered by [Chaz Evans] as your host featuring local, up and coming, in-house band [Eyepatch Brian and his "Roxie Moods"] featuring sidekick [Blinking Humphrey] special guests [Adam Trowbridge] and [Toni Preckwinkle] (ERROR_ABORT NEITHER GUEST WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND). And more than anything else: this performance features memories that turn your bones to glass. [Bones = Glass]. Monologue Jokes written by [Joe Giovanetti]. Special thanks to our additional sponsors [Kera Mackenzie] and [Neal Vandenbergh].

Autonomy Bag

Between Chicago open-container laws and its arbitrary foil the 'brown bag rule' lies a strange opportunity for hybridity. Not entirely a law (more a folk-law such as the 'dibs' parking system in winter snow), but widely accepted as a tolerable standard, the brown bag rule allows one wrap their open-container in a brown bag, and then consume it in public space. Although the paper wrap itself remains as a visual indicator of possible impropriety, those who utilize the brown bag have a modest opportunity of agency in closed open-container system.

This project considers altering the the conditions of social space, and the human behavior therein, by re-figuring the brown bag rule, while altering it spatially and structurally. If the visual attention of the brown bag in public engenders neither the radical comradery of New Orleans or the intensified drinking relationships of Chicago, perhaps an inversion of what is contained can provide an atomized unit of both. By containing not the beverage, but a small social situation itself within a brown bag, hybrid, radical, and ephemeral social spaces could be engendered through use of very modest materials.

Full information on the Autonomy Bag project is located at

A Buttery Lantern Review: 2 Buttery 2 Light-Emitting

A performance performed in a custom performance apparatus.
5/2/11 @ UIC New Media Arts Graduate Studio
with the collaboration of Aristide Schlesinger
and the support of the Greyfriars Ladies Auxillary Board

- starring -

"Duncan" The Kodak 4600 Slide Projector
"Goldbraith" The Micro Express IFL9025
"Captain" The Apollo Venture OHP
"Cornish Ben" The EPSON KR85
The Weller Taylor Helioscopic Lantern (as himself)
"Twembly John" The EPSON XMP-35
"Scrips" The Apple Powerbook G3
"Will-o-the-Wisp" The Optiquest Q71
"Dodger" The Panasonic
"Bevis and Harold" The Viewsonic E90s
"The Galloway Twins" The DELL BH72-003575As
"Old Ironsides" The DELL BN68-00246F


- special guests -

Anthropometries for Quake 4 (After Yves Klein)

A a series of performances and images created in Quake 4. Its meant as an excercise which appropriates both Yves Klein's anthropometry painting technique along with aesthetics of id software's Quake 4 simultaneously. The goal is to poke fun at the 20th century avant-garde, while re-purposing the place of commercial video games in relation to the fine art world. This work functioned as a study for the performances used in "Machinima Drone Bath Spa Package: Sampler Pack.