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Unending Credits (Lifestyle)

This is a one minute video capture of custom software (written in Processing) generating a video in real-time by selecting television clips, job titles, and names from a database. The result is a cable television lifestyle program that is always ending but never ends as long as the software is running.

Collaboration with Maureen Ryan

CA-PAN (Convergence Art Public Affairs Network)

In the model of C-SPAN, the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network that documents and broadcasts the goings on of governmental spaces for public edification, CA-PAN documents and broadcasts the goings on of museums, galleries, and other spaces of art exhibition and display. With the same mandate as any public affairs network, events documented are not paired with commercial interruption, musical underscores, or superfluous editing in order to deliver undifferentiated information to the art public. Events covered by CA-PAN are as formal as panel discussions, banal as a single camera recording a single static artwork in a gallery for hours, or as informal as a raucous dance party.

This video is an excerpt from a longer broadcast in a series of long broadcasts.

Luxury Permission

Announcing the 2011 fall line of luxury applications produced by Schlesinger's Best. Courtesy of generous support from the Greyfriar's Ladies Auxilliary Board. Follow the link below and you yourself can be the proud owner of mobile software featuring luxury permissions made exclusively for products made by Schlesinger's Best.

The fall line features:

Marat Vs. Ken: deadfight
The App of Deep Contemplation
Mr. Slim Goodbody Without Organs

All apps by Schlesinger's Best are available on the
Android Market.

Evans Dances Baldessari Sings Lewitt

Evans Dances Baldessari Sings Lewitt is an interactive software, video and performance installation which offers a viewer a selection of 35 dances performed to the tune of John Baldessari's 35 song versions of Sol Lewitt's 35 Sentences on Conceptual Art, originally heard in Baldessari's 1972 video Baldessari Sings Lewitt.

In his video Baldessari endeavored to relate the tradition of concept art into the emerging practices of video art. Evans Dances Baldessari Sings Lewitt endeavors to converge the critiques and traditions both praised and satirized by Baldessari, into the now emerging practice of software art.

Th piece is controllable by gallery patrons via a wireless mouse and a scrolling menu built into the image. The video featured here is only a non-interactive demo of a few dances from the full selection of 35. A fully interactive online version is in the works

Featured in viz. blog.

The Naked Internet

The Naked Internet is an interactice psychogeographical map of personal web experience. Based on Guy Debord's "Theory of the Derive" and psychogeographical maps of Paris, the piece is meant to transpose Situationist technique of urban critique to the realm of internet space and experience. Using data derived from subjective behavioral and emotional responses to web experience, the map is meant to suggest a feeling of locality to web space, and a critical attitude toward it. The nodes seen on the map all behave according to a particlar psychogeographical tag taken from an open psychogeographical markup langauage standard initiated by artist group Social Fiction. The visualization is built in processing and makes use of the Traer Physics Library.

Melon Death

Melon Death is an interactive absurdist data visualization which aims to intentionally force a fallacious causality between two sets of data which have no logical connection. Also built in processing.